In this section you will find plenty of interesting and useful information on maintaining health through natural medicines and phototherapy
Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) released its principled position on herbal medicine. It adopted recommendations on herbal medicine safety and efficacy. The recommendations provide guidance to national authorities on medicinal plant cultivation and collection. What is a reason for this increased interest in herbal medicine? Current state of modern official medicine can be defined as deadlock and in crisis. Therefore, it is necessary collectively to use half-forgotten but effective methods and means of population health improvement.

Books on herbs have gained public recognition, and in recent years interest in them has been increasing. There are many reasons for that. Among key ones are synthetic drug side effects, allergic disease growth, reducing opportunities for population to use private healthcare services, traditional medicine revival and others. Excessive synthetic drug use led to boost of diseases in gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, and increased allergic diseases in many countries. According to WHO, about 16% of world's population suffer from allergic diseases associated with synthetic drug abuse.

Following global trends "Zamona rano" included into its strategic plans herbal teas assortment expansion, herbal remedies production in form of capsules, tinctures and extracts, as well as herbal medicine promotion as form of health maintenance.