All about us

Uzbekistan land is anciently renowned for its fertile fields, picturesque mountain ranges, sunny valleys, fresh air and crystal rivers.
One of unique places in Uzbekistan is village Nomdanak, which is rich in diverse vegetation. One can find there such useful herbs as chamomile, mint, rose hips, which were mentioned in medical treatises of Ibn Sina for their benefits. People till nowadays use recipes for improvement from these herbs, which were transferred to them from generation to generation.

Established ancient traditions became prerequisite for opening “Zamona Rano” in Nomdanak village in 2007. Company specializes in medicinal herbs collection and cultivation. Our aim is to develop phyto-therapy culture and to preserve herbal medicine traditions in our modern world.

Today Zamona Rano is leading company in Uzbekistan in producing natural herbal products, and has high-tech manufacturing and modern infrastructure. Our company shows dynamic growth, continuously works on expanding its product range and manufactures high-quality products only from organic ingredients.