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«OXYmed» pharmacy network managers with successful experience in sales of "Zamona Rano" products shared their feedback.

"Zamona Rano” products are very good. All our pharmacy customers are happy to buy herbs and herbal teas, and very happy with quality.
Pharmacy ¹ 39
Saidazimova V.G.

On behalf of all pharmacy staff, I would like to thank Company "Zamona Rano" for release of great set of herbal teas, collections and mono herbs. Thank you for high quality products.
Pharmacy 73
Utkirova H.U.

“Zamona Rano herbal teas are in high demand among our pharmacy customers. Especially popular teas are "Male Power", "With tired eyes", "Gynecological", "Soothing", "Nefro".
Pharmacy 77
Ermekbaeva H.Sh.

Especially popular herbal teas among our pharmacy customers are "Choleretic", "Soothing", "Phytotonometr","Nefro","Gynaecological", "Phytoslim", "Slabitus", "Reglyukon". We often hear customers’ gratitude words for recommending these teas.
Pharmacy 34/1
Zoyirova Z.

Herbal teas "Zamona Rano" are made from plant material, so they do not have treatment side effects. In our pharmacy tea "Soothing" runs out of stock very fast.
Pharmacy 78
Salixov A.A.